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Quality of Life Podcast - Featuring Treasure Coast Billiards and Momo Photography

Continuing to provide excellent phenomenal information about your Medicare and health insurance

Quality of Life radio brought to you by Cigna and Aetna Medicare here are your hosts Gary Owen and Tom Bouvier. Hello and good morning everyone thank you for tuning in on this fabulous, beautiful Tuesday morning December 7, 2021, and Tom it's D-day for us today. It's the big day where Medicare open and where annual enrollment period ends. We've got some great information to share with your news that you can use. In case you don't know who this is by now, my name is Gary Owen I’m the host of this dynamic radio show we call the Quality of Life.

our show is sponsored by our partners Aetna Medicare and Cigna Medicare we're happy for their collaboration and their partnership and uh thanks for tuning in on WSTU 14 50 am and WPSL 15 90 am and uh if you're getting out of your car and you're like dying to hear the rest of the story uh you can tune in to uh Facebook when you get into your office or at home at quality of life radio show so uh tom we're here every bloody Tuesday morning with a saggy eyes and rings around our eyes why are we do come here every Tuesday morning we have a lot of fun but we bring relevant content to our listeners information people can really use uh the second reason is we love to support and showcase local business owners and non-profit organizations we have two wonderful guests you'll be introducing here in a moment and number three we love to you and i love to educate and bring information about insurance planning to help improve people's quality of life. We are happy to have the Ryan and Olga Murray of Treasure Coast Billiards and Momo Photography.

Ryan and Olga own and operate Treasure Coast Billiards. They provide a variety of games for your game room from billiards to air hockey. With twenty plus years, they offer everything from the games to the maintenance. Olga also operates Momo Photography. Olga does studio quality portraits, real estate photography, and event photography. For over 15 years, she has been providing amazing work for all of her clients.

Thank you for being with us. Tom and I will continue providing excellent phenomenal information about your Medicare and health insurance thanks for joining us we hope that you got value out of being with us this morning please share this with your friends your family your neighbors let them know about the greatest quality of life radio show and remember stay safe keep happy be healthy and enjoy your quality of life.


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