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Quality of Life - Eating with V

Quality of Life Podcast - Eating with V

PSL Broadcasters- Hosts Gary Owen and Tom Bouvier September 14th, 2021, Tuesday morning. Facebook live and Tune into WSTU 1450 AM & WPSL 1590 AM or streaming live online. Quality of Life Radio Show “Bring relevance constant to listeners to supports and showcase our local businesses and provide education and information that will help ensure your quality of life.”

It's time for Quality of Life Radio brought to you by WellMed here are your hosts Gary Owen and Tom Bouvier September 14th, 2021 and you are listening to The Quality of Life Radio Show. We come here every Tuesday morning with a wonderful guest to bring people relevant content and to support and showcase local business owner's organizations.

September 14th Eating with V.  Veronica Kolibab  

It's time for Quality of Life radio brought to you by WellMed here are your hosts Gary Owen and Tom Bouvier.  Hello good morning to all of our friends listening in on this fabulous Florida Tuesday morning and yes, it is fabulous it's September 14th and I am your handsome adorable host Gary Owen

  And I'm Tom Bouvier your co-host. 

 I know you've had this passion about eating and eating healthy and look at you, you're a walking specimen.


So why Eating With V? I mean what was the inspiration?


Well, I think you remember back in the day I got really, really sick. I was, you know abusing my body was not eating properly and even though I've been holistic probably most of my life I just ate the same stuff. Everybody's normally eating you know pretzels and cheese for snacks and a bunch of crap and so I ended up getting super sick and at that time I had to literally take everything off the plate that I was used to eating.  

In the blink like that boom so a sink or swim had to learn to eat completely differently or fall into the trap and stay sick forever. So, pretzels and cheese I can't have them anymore isn't the answer no talk about chocolate covered pretzels the dark chocolate. I heard dark chocolate is good for you my dark chocolate covered pretzels but not the ones you find. 

We're going to get those we'll have to be one of your pretzels out of our office. 

No more apples they actually have gluten I've been avoiding grain free peanut butter. So, if it's gluten free then it's better not everybody has an issue with gluten, I feel everybody should stay away from gluten just because the weed has been so molested over the last 50 years. 

I love integrative nutrition and I really believe in it, obviously I went to school for it. I'm a certified integrative nutrition health coaching and what it means is not just the things that we eat right so everything that we consume and everything that affects our health goes beyond just food. 

There's food on the plate and then there's other ways that we feed and nourish our body. So, spirituality you know do you have a spiritual practice whether it's going to church or just going to the beach and raising up your arms and allowing the breeze to hit you know what's your spiritual practice what's your home life like right do you have a loving home environment or are you in a toxic situation. 

Also, your home cooking, that's part of it. So, if you're eating out all the time and taking in all these excess sugars and all this extra crap food, right? I eat home 98% of the time my food is better it tastes better I know it's in it it's healthier and in the long run it actually costs a lot less so there's so many things that what we listen to you know the things that we bring into our mental state so its mind body spirit integrative nutrition is incorporating all the assets of your health or the facets of your health.  The website is eatingwithv.com right now is pointing to my Facebook page once the website's up you can just go to Facebook @EatingWithV and like it there because I do post a lot of content there and um also the Instagram is @veronica_eatingwithv I have the YouTube channel Eating With V and check out my Facebook

By the way we are getting phone calls great I mean crazy phone calls from consumers that are having issues with they're feeling blue. Tom, you know they had the blues because the blues have cornered the market in healthcare insurance here on the treasure coast for many years. So, now there are options in beginning for the 2022 ACA open enrollment season. There are three new carriers coming on the treasure coast and it's going to be United Healthcare, Aetna and Bright Health so we have an addition to Cigna, Oscar, and Ambetter.  So now you have six Florida blue is probably filling the squeeze and they're probably going to be very blue next open enrollment period because now they have six competitors. Finally, the treasure coast is going to experience some opportunities to be able to for us to help them find an affordable health care plan that suits their specific needs and budget. 

Thank god absolutely competition is good and this is what the free market's all about because when competitors come in the person who was here monopolizing they realize they don't have everybody captive. Now they're going to have to adjust their rates, co-pays, premiums deductibles, and max out of pockets. It's going to be good for the consumer it's absolutely good for people oh completely out of control with their pricing for people. Well, we're excited for everybody uh and then keep in mind that Owen Insurance group located at 1611 Northwest Federal Highway in Stuart just North of the Roosevelt Bridge and right behind Key West Diner. 

Five things to consider during the AEP in the month of September. 

1. We're now in Medicare recipients of or clients who have a part d prescription drug plan or a Medicare advantage plan are receiving in the mail of what's called a knock-a-knock, hey knock on the door, it's a knock on the door. It's actually it stands for acronyms for Annual Notice of Change and what that document does it shows tells people what changes the current plan that they are in what changes will take place beginning January 1st of 2022. 

  Most people use it for a door stop they throw it in the trash they think it's nothing but clients really should pick it up open it review it. If they don't like the changes or even if they think these are good changes, they need to know what changes are coming about because I've talked to so many people come January, I didn't know my premiums or my deductible or my copay for my doctor is going up by ten dollars. 

Not only that but remember the letter that we got from one of our clients on their Part D Plan? They're paying 14 and 60 cents for is going up I cannot believe 68 drug dollar prices are going up yeah wow so folks listen I'm going to tell you right now if you sit on your duff and you don't do enough, you're going to get rough so review you’re a Knock because you are going to see some changes this year. 

2. Speak to a licensed independent Medicare agent to conduct your thorough review because it's important that you work with an unbiased independent agent who's been doing this for a while. Make sure that whoever you deal with, if it's not us, it better be us but if it's not us, we understand. You know we can't please everybody no we try but make sure that the agent you're working with is independent they represent all the carriers not just a handful absolutely. 

  3. Review the plans cost co-pays deductibles is maximum out-of-pocket so these are the things you want to discuss with that independent agent if you have a high that's a bunch of poop [Laughter] and we'll help you out of the loop. 

  4. Understand the plan's benefits in coverage rules because benefits change. They can be taken away, there could be some new benefits added there could be new gym memberships added some Medicare advantage plans are now including meals and some more including acupuncture and things of that nature but again it's important to know your rights benefits and options. 

The only way to do that you don't rely on tv personalities or football hall of famers or movie stars to get your Medicare for the love of Jesus don't do it otherwise you're going to be in major problems and there's not enough crosses for those of you that take that route.  

5. Review the plan's formulary, the formulary means what drugs are covered it also includes in that what tier level, what copay, what deductible might apply to the medications. This applies to not only the Medicare Advantage Plans that include prescription drugs but the stand-alone Prescription Drug Plans. 

It's amazing how many times we've done reviews and people who are paying thousands of dollars one year we can literally save them hundreds. If not, I saved one lady there's like 980 dollars, she would take per year by changing her Drug Plan. I was her hero so just because she didn't know what the formulary our new tagline should be we're not secret agents but to our clients we're superheroes. we are heroes I like that I like that do you think we should use that for our new tag line I think that's instead of we simplify insurance planning so you can enjoy the stress-free life you deserve. 

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